The theme for the upcoming Library Summer Reading Program (2016) is:

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2016 Library Show

2015 Library Show

Every Hero Has A Story

 New show for 2015 is a HERO show. In this show David talks about Super Heroes, which are loved by everyone. But, he also lets the children know that Super Heroes are not the only type of hero.  Fictional Super Heroes ( like Superman and Wonder Woman) are great to read about, but there are also REAL LIVE heroes that we may not always think of, that are around us every day. Those Every Day Heroes are people like Firemen, Police, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, etc.  David also teaches the children how they can be a H.E.R.O. too.  That way is to remember that a Hero is:

H - Helpful and Honest                

E - Enthusiastic and Encouraging

R - Respectful, and                     

O - Obedient and Optomistic      

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